Flexible Benefit Programs

Compete with other employers for valuable human resources by providing better and more flexible compensation programs. Built into HRMS is a Flex Benefit program. No need to design a program as it is ready to use.

The key purposes for flexible compensation are to:

  • Meet diverse employee needs while containing benefit costs:
    • Employee decides among types of benefits and levels of coverage.
    • Set a more clearly defined mechanism for controlling costs over the long-term.
    • Separates the decision on the cost of benefits versus the form of benefits.
  • Deliver compensation in a tax effective manner:
    • Your Company can pay the same but the employee can receive higher take-home pay.
    • Takes advantage of differing treatments of benefits under the Income Tax Act.
  • Attract and retain employees:
    • Flexible compensation will be regarded as innovative, responsive and leading edge.
    • Employees appreciate flexibility which leads to higher satisfaction.
    • Your Company will be differentiated from other employers.