Partnership / Joint Venture

Partnerships and Joint Ventures are permitted to set their own annual benefit limits for their employees.

MediDirect® assists management in designing and developing their benefit plan. Management is free to choose the benefit levels available for each employee’s Health, Dental and Wellness Benefit Plan.

The employer may divide employees into various groups within the corporate structure (e.g. executive, management, full-time, hourly, etc.) and provide different incentives and benefits for each group and for employees who are single or who have dependents.

Partners should be careful when setting up a benefits program that excludes non-shareholder employees. A benefit program for a partner and principal employee of a partnership that excludes non-shareholder employees should be carefully planned to meet tax deductible eligibility status. MediDirect® would be happy to discuss this situation and we strongly urge anyone setting up a plan that excludes non-shareholder employees to discuss with their tax advisor to obtain proper documentation.