Corporations are in competition to attract and retain good employees. Employees are looking for total compensation packages that are flexible and provide the alternatives they want. Our Flex Benefit programs:

  • Meet diverse employee needs while containing benefit costs:
    • Employee decides among types of benefits and levels of coverage.
    • Set a more clearly defined mechanism for controlling costs over the long-term.
    • Separates the decision on the cost of benefits versus the form of benefits.
  • Deliver compensation in a tax effective manner:
    • Your Company can pay the same but the employee can receive higher take-home pay.
    • Takes advantage of differing treatments of benefits under the Income Tax Act.
  • Attract and retain employees:
    • Flexible compensation will be regarded as innovative, responsive and leading edge.
    • Employees appreciate flexibility which leads to higher satisfaction.
    • Your Company will be differentiated from other employers.

Companies with more than 10 employees are able to set up any type of benefit program. Benefit options available are listed on our benefits page.

Corporations can develop unique and cost effective benefit plans to attract and retain employees. MediDirect® assists management in designing and developing their benefit and compensation plan. Management can develop flexible benefit programs to provide different incentives and benefits for each group of employees to attain their goals. Click Here to see our Flex Benefits.