A Flexible Benefit Program

Compensation packages typically include your salary and a benefit plan. This type of benefit plan includes Flex Credits which allows you to build a combination of salary and benefits to suit your individual needs.

How Does It Work?

  • Your total compensation consists of Salary and Flex Credits.
  • Each Flex Credit equals $1.00.
  • You decide which benefits you would like and distribute or assign the amount of Flex Credits to each of these benefits.
  • If you do not use the total Flex Credits in your selection of benefits then you will receive a cash sum equal to the difference which will be added to your Salary.


The compensation arrangement can be readjusted at the beginning of each Program Year or during the Program Year for certain "Life Events". A Life Event includes the birth or death of a dependent, a change in marital status, a loss of insurance coverage under a spouse's benefit plan, or a change in employment status. This allows flexibility to ensure that you continue to meet your personal circumstances.

Great Choices & Options:

From health and dental to wellness and critical illness, we offer an extensive menu of choices.

  • Health and Dental
  • Wellness Account
  • RRSP
  • Long-Term and Short-Term Disability (Paycheque Insurance)
  • Critical Illness
  • Catastrophic Medical and Travel Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Dependent Life Insurance
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance (AD&D)
  • And many more options